Arrival and departure:

Arrival is from 16:00, departure is no later than 10.00. Please contact reception (0043 6565 21921) if you would like other arrival or departure times.


How to leave the chalet on departure:

We kindly ask you to leave the chalet clean and tidy and to turn on or empty the dishwasher. We also ask you to dispose of your rubbish any empty bottles in the designated waste containers. You can remove the bedding and lay it at the front door. Don't forget to pay for your bread at the reception (if applicable). The key cards can be deposited in the mailbox next to the front door if the reception is closed.


Can I bring my own bed linen?

In your chalet the beds are already made up. The cost of providing and fitting the bed linen package is € 19.50 per person per stay.


How can I order and pay for fresh bread?

You can order the fresh baked bread on arrival via the tablet (SuitePad) in your chalet up  until 8:00 pm the evening before. On the day of departure or the day before, you can pay for the bread at the reception with cash or debit card.


How many towels are there in the chalet?

As a standard there are 2 towels per person and some additional sauna towels. Furthermore, you will find flannels and one or more bathmats in the bathroom. There are at least three tea towels in the kitchen. The towels are, when you stay for one week, not exchanged during your stay. However, each chalet has its own washing machine, and in some cases, a tumble dryer. You may also wish to rent extra sauna towels and bathrobes.


Can I order extra towels?

Additional bedding and towels can be ordered at reception.


Is the supermarket open on Sundays?

In Neukirchen the supermarkets (Billa and Spar) are open in both summer and winter in high season.


Is there an inventory list?

There is no inventory list available, the holiday homes are fully furnished and equipped for the maximum number of people.


Is there internet in the house?

Nationalpark Chalets is proud to be the only accommodation in the area to have its own fiber optic cable connection. In addition to the fact that wi-fi is available in all chalets, it is also super-fast.



Every house has a coffee machine. This can range from a filter machine, a Nespresso device or a machine which uses non whole grinded beans. The description of your chalet on the ChaletsPlus site describes exactly which device is in your chalet.


Is there kitchen linen?

Kitchen linen is standard, all our chalets also have a Miele dishwasher. Dishwasher tablets are also available.


Can I bring my dog(s)?

Several chalets allow pets. Check out the chalet on the ChaletsPlus site to see if pets are allowed.


What do I do if I have a complaint?

If something is not to your complete satisfaction, please report it to the reception as soon as possible. The managers will consult with you and provide a suitable solution. Don't wait until the end of your stay, we want to solve the issue to enable you to enable have a perfect holiday.


Do I need snow chains for my car?

Yes! During the winter months you are required to have snow chains with you. In addition, you must have winter tires in the period November – April. Some roads in our hotel chalet village are quite steep and a bit of snow can be too much for your tires. In general, cars with four-wheel drive (4 x 4) and winter tires have no problems.


Where can I charge my electric car?

All chalets have a charging point. The reception has a fast charger.


Where can I buy a motorway vignette?

The Autobahn vignette is available in Austria at all motorway border crossings, at the various Austrian gas stations and gas stations along the motorway in southern Germany.


More information?

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions page of ChaletsPlus